PointMatter SaaS

IoT SaaS Analytics, Apps & Solutions

  1. Connect and Host multiple BMS / Control Systems in the Cloud
  2. Connectors for Compass / ARS, Tridium, CSV, Excel & SQL
  3. Custom connectors for Energy, Asset Management and Work order systems.
  4. Disaster / Recovery supported
  5. Cloud and Managed SaaS solution for reporting

Apps & Templates

Regulatory Compliance

Track 100s of standards for individual sensors that measure elements of critical spaces. Hospitals can reduce infection and comply with regulatory requirements on a daily basis.  Improve patient outcome by maintaining a healthy environment.


Critical Environment

Monitor and track critical environments to ensure they meet the necessary compliance limits set forth by specific regulatory standards. Flexible system allows customers to track thousands of standards for any number of room types and for each measured point. Customers have the ability to create custom standards and standard override rules.


Integrated Facilities

Integrate legacy and IoT systems to create an intelligent building solution. Track regulatory compliance, equipment condition & efficiency of processes using standard visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI. Take advantage of customizable templates to reduce the time to create your analytics solutions.


Energy Optimization

Analyze energy usage and identify wastage. Reduce energy costs across the facility by implementing report notifications. Track the full range of energy resources including electricity, alternative energy generation, gas, and water.


Process Efficiency

Alarm Summary

Modern day building controls, process controls, and IoT devices come with alarming mechanisms that enable alarms to be received and managed. Tracking alarms across multiple environments or equipment systems can be tedious and error prone. The Alarm Summary reporting template can enhance productivity and help customers avoid costly mistakes.


Tenant Appropriation

Manage tenant  energy use allocation. Adjust behavior  so that equipment and environment is used appropriately. Track departmental energy consumption and demand.


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