Cloud Data Analytics

cloud based analytics

Data Integration
Data  today exists  in silos whether it is in CRM, ERP, relational databases, financial systems, or Excel. The data could also be external, such as weather, demographics, or from your business partners. We collect, combine, transform, and integrate the data from these variety of internal and external data sources into a single data store. We then improve the quality of data through error detection, cleansing, and monitoring. Finally, we automate this entire process of data integration to improve productivity.
Data Modeling
Data is modeled to reflect your business domain, relationship, and business rules to support your reports and analytics.This data is stored in a centrally accessible location – whether it is a public cloud, private cloud, or on your premise. The data could be structured or unstructured, relational or flat, large or small. We offer two primary mechanisms to store data – data warehouse (for traditional, relational, and structured data), and big data (for structured and unstructured and for large and small volumes). No matter what your storage needs are today or how they might evolve in the near future, we offer a scalable and flexible framework for data storage.
To continuously improve the speed and accuracy of your decisions, you will need to iteratively improve the analytics that you currently have. To get a quick snapshot of your daily or monthly performance, you will need dashboards and scorecards. For fine-grained detail of say your costs, you will need to do drill-downs and drill-throughs of your cost data. Inevitably, you will want to see trends over time and benchmark both internally and when possible, externally. Sometimes, you don’t know what to look for and need to discover or just experiment. In other cases, you have a specific experiment that you would like to design and run. You may have some of these reporting and analytics capabilities. However, you have always a need to do more or just get more sophisticated at it. And, LogicMatter can you help get there.
Data Apps
The presentation capabilities of your business intelligence/analytics tools can be limited sometimes. Or if you want to integrate the analytics into other applications or portals that you already have. For example, you want to see analytics of your supply chain on a map (instead of a plain old vanilla web-based dashboard). LogicMatter will help you build just the kind of powerful, but personalized data apps to help you solve with  your very specific needs and constraints.
Managed Services
Building a data platform and the analytics infrastructure is no easy task given the complex technologies and increasing number of data sources, variety and volume of data. LogicMatter eases that burden for you. To then monitor and manage this infrastructure requires a broad set of capabilities and more importantly a dedicated capacity. We have listened to your needs and have expanded the scope of our services to offer managed services at our standard low-cost pricing. This includes an extensive suite of services including

  • hosting the data and the solution in the cloud (private or public)
  • provisioning the analytics solution
  • assigning and managing the data storage – with your growing needs
  • monitoring the data for quality and performance
  • tuning and improving the performance of your reports
  • providing maintenance and technical support of your analytics solution

Having the data analytics infrastructure managed by the same team that built it will give you the reliability and flexibility you desire.