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Data Aggregation Support

  • Monitor data store, pipeline and automation systems
  • Debug collection, transformation, migration and processing issues
  • Maintain Operational Data Store (ODS) and Analytical Data Store (ADS)
  • Support data performance, tuning, profiling and auditing
  • Maintain data Integrity checks, Index rebuilding and history cleanup
  • Maintain data and meta-data quality, mapping, cleansing and rejections
  • Technical support, bug-fixing, maintenance & change management

Analytics & Reporting Support

  • Monitor and maintain dashboards, ad-hoc queries and reports
  • Support data visualization, fix bugs & change management
  • Support dashboard and report performance, query optimization

Analytics & BI Solution Engineering

  • Plan, Estimate, Architect and Engineer projects
  • Integrate new data sources & transformation rules
  • Design & implementation of new schema for (ODS) and (ADS)
  • Design & implement custom visualization , dashboard and reports

Cloud Data-Warehouse Managed Services

  • Support Cloud or Virtual Machine hosting  Database system
  • Configure, install, patch and provision PointMatter framework
  • Provide Data storage, Data transfer and Data visualization tools
  • Provide Cloud data processing framework on a subscription /  managed services basis

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